The Butcher’s Apron Radio Show


So here is the other little thing that we have been cooking up. Emma Gibson and I have been putting together the first episode of our radio show, The Butcher’s Apron, which should be airing on NTS live pretty soon indeed, if they don’t hear the first show and stop answering our calls (or worse).


The Butcher’s Apron is a talk-based show, which Emma and I are ambitiously intending to use a launching-off point for investigations into the weird, the excellent, or the otherwise illuminating bits of human culture. There are fun interviews, part-educational (part purely fictitious)features, a sometimes scary storytime slot and a lot of Emma and I being a bit rude. This rich offering is periodically interrupted by the musical stylings of DJ Leon Hatcher, with original compositions by the brilliant Ciara Haidar, and the entire wonderful package is being stitched together by editor Stephen Pook. It should be pretty good, but it should also have points where Emma and I disintegrate into utter incomprehensibility—that’s what you get for listening to a couple of novices.



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