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The Butcher’s Apron is an hour-long, theme-time radio show on NTS Live that invites and explores the unexpected. On the third Sunday of each month installation artist/researcher Emma Gibson and writer/publisher Nadine Monem comb the stretch of this peculiar land to bring you fascinating features, interviews and stories from Britain’s soft underside. This good content is unified through the musical curations of artist Leon Hatcher and stitched together into something like sense by editor Stephen Pook.

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Speed // April 29, 2012

For this, the fourth episode of The Butcher’s Apron, Emma and Nadine spend their good time thinking about speed, logistically, emotionally, physically and (mainly) accidentally. They talk to Rollo Hollins and Jonathan Howells (part of the creative team behind the DRIVEN documentary) about the longevity of love, the adventure of a lifetime and relationships built again around the question ‘is it ever too late?’. They investigate the principles and motivations behind human speed, with Dr David Cook, course director of Sports and Exercise Science at the South Bank University’s Academy of Sport, and three-times former world-recorder holder and 100m sprinter, Asafa Powell. They present a dramatic re-telling of the age-old tale, The Tortoise and the Hare in this month’s Storytime spot, ending up in a gripping journey through time and space on the London Underground to arrive at the ‘Clock of the Long Now’, with a regular spot from The Butcher’s resident philosopher, Dr Daniel Barnes.




Beginnings // February 20, 2012

For this, the third episode of the Butchers Apron Emma and Nadine tackle the age-old question of which came first, the chicken or the egg (with the help of Professor Daniel Barnes, the butchers of Ridley Road Market and the livestock at Hackney City Farm); pin down the origins of the world with this month’s storytime feature; evaluate the likelihood of the beginning of the end in 2012 with Dr Lucie Green; hunker down with a five-year old to sort out the big questions of existence and speak to Turner-prize-winning artist Jeremy Deller about how to start a movement, or a cult, depending on how you look at it.




Belief // Christmas Day, 2-3 pm

In the second episode of the Butcher’s Apron, Emma Gibson and Nadine Monem take you on a tour of Britain’s most haunted hotel, The Mermaid Inn; speak to Britain’s most popular philosopher, AC Grayling, about the good life and The Good Book; go on an ill-advised pilgrimage to London’s religious institutions in search of a religious experience; delve into the depths of human consciousness at the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience with Professor Geraint Rees and ask the age-old question: Who is Debbie McGee? 




Darkness // November 20, 2-3pm

In this, the first-ever episode of the Butcher’s Apron radio show, Emma Gibson and Nadine Monem take you on a fruitless search for The Singularity, to the long-closed gates of the disused but still cherished Crossbones Cemetery, through the scary streets of Spring Heeled-Jack’s Vicotorian London and back to a particularly dark time in the early 1970s with this month’s unsettling storytime spot.







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